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Located at the Ljubljana airport (CAT3B) in the middle of the Europe skies. Within few hours of flight range to major European operators. Adria Tehnika is also a member of EU Membership, Euro zone and Schengen zone.

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Our services are at your disposal 24/7. We are highly motivated and qualified staff with competitive prices. Providing everything from maintenance, troubleshooting, damage assesment, support, etc.

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In our business more is more. That is why our work takes place in a main hangar with over 1.700m2. In addition, we have also finished the 2nd stage of enlarging our other hangars and workshops.

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Some of our customers include: Bombardier, Lufthansa, Britair, Airone, Spanair, Belair, Eurowings, AtlasJet, Onurair, Austrian air, West Air Sweden and many more.

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