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AOG SI: +386 41 692 738
Engine Maintenance
and Workshops
Line Maintenance
Base Maintenance
Our MRO’s provide Base Maintenance services in 10 hangars with a maximum capacity of 34 heavy maintenance slots for narrowbody aircraft. All facilities have proven to be satisfactory bases for some of the most important airlines and operators in Europe. We offer competitive downtimes and specific projects and campaigns. These capabilities supported by knowledgeable engineering department enables us to offer comprehensive modification services for customized single events as well as large fleet modification programs.
LINETECH, Adria Tehnika and JAT Tehnika provide the following services
concerning to Base Maintenance:
C-checks and D-checks
Including the heaviest A320 family 12yr checks, EOL, Return To Service
Component repairs
Repairs or replacements of particular components of the external structure of the aircraft
Dealing with current defects of the aircraft
Camo/Engineering support
Professional and comprehensive support concerning the aircraft maintenance
AMOS customer system
data entry
Structural repairs and modifications
Including major structural repairs using zero stress equipment, keel beam replacement and repair, wing chord repair, corrosion preventive programs, winglet installation, onboard Wi-Fi antenna installation, reskinning and AD/SB implementation with competitive turnover time.
Interior refurbishment
and upgrade
NDT - Non-Destructive-Testing
Including Boroscopy, Eddy current, Roto, Ultrasonic, Penetrants, Radiography