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As business of flying has changed dramatically in the last few years, Maintenance Repair Overhaul solutions followed those changes by adapting to the needs of every airline in particular. The competitiveness, price performance and increased speed of traveling in general have an enormous pressure on MRO business environment and present a threat to safety. In Adria Tehnika we are fully aware of the responsibility that comes with what we do - responsibility towards our customers, employees and environment we live in. Adria Tehnika stands for highly motivated and qualified staff, high quality performance with short downtimes, competitive prices, large production facilities and determination to achieve every set goal.

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New Ownership


With the payment of the purchase price and the transfer of shares, the sale of the 100 percent share of the company Adria Airways Tehnika, d. d. was successfully concluded 24 November. The new owner is the company Linetech Holding, S.A. of Poland, one of the fastest developing MRO companies in Eastern and Central Europe. Its plans mostly revolve around the growth and development of Adria Airways Tehnika, d.d., and the creation of new jobs.


Facts & Figures


Basic Company Adria Airways Tehnika was established in 1961.

Located at Ljubljana airport (CAT3B).

Daily connections to major European operators in the range of 2 hours flight.

EU Membership, Euro zone since 1.1. 2007, Schengen zone since 21.12. 2007.

Total production man hours available: 350.000 man/hours.

Maintenance staff work in three shifts and are on hand 24 hours a day.

Total nr. of released CRJ 200/700/900/1000 in years 2002-2015 (till end of June): 725

Total nr. of released Airbus 319/320/321 A/C in years 2002- 2015 (till end of June):325


Mission and Vision


Ensuring optimal and cost-effective maintenance of aircrafts for airlines, following the highest standards and legal regulations in the area of air traffic safety.



Maintaining the leading role in aircraft maintenance in the CRJ group in Europe and further business development for other aircraft types. The aim is to take up the position of one of the most efficient aircraft maintenance centers in Europe.


Executive and Managing Board


Adria Airways Tehnika d.d. has a one-tier management system where the Managing board of Adria Airways Tehnika d.d. manages daily and strategic business activities in the company independently and at its own responsibility and is appointed by the assembly of Adria Airways Tehnika d.d.



History and development


Adria Airways Tehnika basic company was established in 1961, however since 2010 Adria Airways Tehnika PLC operates as independent company and has since then maintained more then 1000 aircrafts, invested in new facilities and successfully served more then 50 clients from 3 continents. This proves us to be a trusted partner for MRO solutions you need.







Adria Tehnika and easyJet Sign Cooperation Agreement

Adria Tehnika has signed a cooperation agreement with British airline easyJet. The agreement has been concluded for two years and covers works in the passenger cabin – reconfiguration of the cabin from 180 to 186 seats, the installation of a new galley and new lavatories. The aircraft will be worked on one after another during the winter timetable in the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 seasons. There are at least 18 providers of such services in Europe, and easyJet has chosen four to perform these works – including Adria Tehnika. Gary Smith, easyJet Business Lead for the 186 seat cabin program, said »We are very pleased to have selected Adria Tehnika to take part in this important project. This is our first major project with Adria Tehnika; we were impressed by their depth of experience in A320 maintenance and we are keen to develop relationships with MROs that fit our requirements«.