Adria Tehnika has gained experience in over  50-year maintenance of different aircraft types (McDonnell Douglas DC-9, MD80, deHavilland DHC-7, Airbus A320 and Bombardier CRJ200/700/900/1000). Due to fleet restructuring the airline commenced third-party maintenance activities in 2002, and as the maintenance and engineering division was reorganised as a separate legal entity in 2010, called Adria Tehnika (AT).  AT  ia proud to have been a launch-in customer for A320 aircraft and performed first commercial flight with V2500-A1 engine in the world.  We  maintain A320 family aircraft type since 1989.

In 2002 Bombardier selected Adria Tehnika as first Bombardier Authorized Service Facility for CRJ100/200/700/900/1000 in Europe. During this term Adria Airways won  several Bombardier awards for the highest dispatch reliability for CRJ 100/200.  In 2013 Bombardier  awarded  AAT contract for CARE program on CRJ700/900 aircraft.



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Adria Tehnika  perform line and heavy base maintenance  checks on world's leading OEMs on narrowbody and regional aircraft.
Our customer base comprise over 70 customers from low-cost and legacy carriers to regional airlines and leasing companies on three continents.
Since 2002  AT have performed checks, heavy maintenance checks, modifications  on over  1200 aircraft  of both Airbus and Bombardier.



Adria Tehnika  success story is based on combination of  Airline background  and  MRO's  best practices.
The strategy for further growth is based on:
• Highest  quality with short  and guaranteed downtimes
• Highly motivated & qualified staff
• Competitive prices - good value for money
• Flexibility and customer taillored  solutions
• Determination to achieve goals
• Innovative approach to solutions



The modern facility of 3 narrowbody hangars  with supporting shops  has ideal geographical  location  in the  center of Europe, Slovenia, Ljubljana Airport (LJU), CAT3B. Daily connections with major European  cities and operators are  in the range of 2 (two) hours flight.  


Airport open 24/7

Simplified  customs clearance, EU membership

Logistic facilities and other airport  services in walking distance,

EURO zone, Shengen zone





  • Sporadic third party maintenance (DC9, MD80, A320)



  • BRAD first recognized service facility for CRJ100/200/700/900 in Europe


JUNE 2005

  • Partnership with Air France Industries to perform A & C checks on A320 family aircraft
  • New hangar opened on 23rd of June 2005 (2.100 m2)


2007 AND 2008

  • Winning Bombardier awards for the highest dispatch reliability for CRJ 100/200


JUNE 2008

  • Bermuda DCA approval for maintenance of Bermuda registered aircraft, mainly for Russia and CIS countries


JUNE 2010

  • Establishment of the new company - Adria tehnika 100% owned by Adria Airways



  • Indian CAA approval for CRJ base maintenance



  • Adria Airways withdrawal from ownership structure of Adria Tehnika



  • New hangar construction – PHASE II completed.