Adria Tehnika Bombardier’s Trusted Partner for 15 Years

Adria Tehnika Bombardier’s Trusted Partner for 15 Years

Zgornji Brnik, September 14, 2017 – In 2002 Adria Tehnika was appointed as an Authorized Service Facility in Europe for one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers – Bombardier Inc. This year, the companies are commemorating the 15th anniversary of their successful collaboration.

Adria Tehnika was the first company in Europe and the world to sign an Authorized Service Facility Agreement with Bombardier to support operators of CRJ Series regional jets.

Maksimiljan Pele, executive director of Adria Tehnika, had this to say upon the 15th anniversary: “In 2002, Bombardier selected Adria Tehnika to be its first Authorized Service Facility for CRJ Series aircraft. This appointment followed Adria Airways’ successful operation of CRJ100/200 aircraft over many years. In 2013, we also concluded a contract to implement Bombardier’s CARE program for CRJ700/900 aircraft.
“Our ongoing collaboration with Bombardier, along with the many awards that Bombardier has presented to Adria Airways over the years in recognition of its outstanding rates of dispatch reliability, are testimonials to our outstanding service record,” added Mr. Pele.

In its hangars in Brnik, Adria Tehnika has carried out checks on over 1200 aircraft -- almost 800 of which were done on CRJ Series aircraft. The 15th anniversary is a milestone in the collaboration between both companies.

“Adria Tehnika has developed an admirable reputation for consistently and reliably supporting Bombardier’s customers with the highest degree of professionalism and technical expertise,” said Amel Belkhamsa, Director Customer Service, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia and the CIS, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “Adria Tehnika was also entrusted to assist with the establishment of Bombardier’s Authorized Service Facility in Kazan, Russia in 2012, and the success of that project has reinforced our confidence in Adria’s maintenance expertise. I wish to thank Adria Tehnika for its invaluable contribution to Bombardier’s customer support network over the years, and I am confident that this level of service will continue well into the future.”


Piotr Kaczor, executive director of Avia Prime, which has owned Adria Tehnika since 2015, had this to add: “We look forward to many more years of collaboration with Bombardier as we work together to support the growing fleet of Bombardier commercial aircraft in the region.”


Adria Airways has been an operator of Bombardier’s commercial aircraft for many years, and 2002 became a landmark year for Adria Tehnika. Until then, Adria Tehnika functioned as a department of Adria Airways for maintenance and engineering, providing aircraft maintenance to non-contracting parties. In that year, it signed a contract with Bombardier and started carrying out checks on BritAir and Lufthansa CityLine aircraft. Subsequently, an additional hangar was built to accommodate the increasing maintenance work. In 2005, Adria Tehnika took up the maintenance of another aircraft family – the Airbus A320. Today the company is privately owned and has three hangars in which 100 aircraft are checked every year. It is known globally as a provider of aircraft maintenance for CRJ100/200/700/900/1000 aircraft for customers in Europe, India and China. Recently, the higher volume of work has brought about an increase in recruitment at the company; the latter is also investing a great deal in the education of existing and new personnel, thus ensuring its continuous and quality work. Adria Tehnika is keeping up with new technologies and adding a new product – maintenance of the A320neo family. By doing so, it has secured work for at least the next 20 years.



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