Workshop services

Sheet metal workshop:

  • Skin panels change, repairs
  • Permanent or temporary repairs after lighting strike
  • Skin panels  repairs
  • Demanding structural repairs


NDT shop:

  • Ultrasonic Inspections
  • Eddy current inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Penetrant inspection
  • X-ray inspection (Subcontracted)
  • Composite inspections
  • Thermographic Inspections
  • ELCH inspection


Composite repairs:

  • Composite flight controls repairs and modifications (rudder, elevator, aileron)
  • Fairning 
  • Cabin panels
  • Floor panels
  • Cargo panels


Interior shop

  • Cabin/Cockpit Carpet manufacturing
  • Isolation blaket repairs
  • Panel refoiling
  • Paint repair
  • Repairs and reconfigurations of aircraft interior
  • Life vest testing


Paint shop

Components paintings - everything but the complete aircraft


Engine shop

  • V2500, CFM56-5, CF34-3, CF34-8, QEC built-up
  • CF34-3 LPT, HPT replacement, top case removal
  • APU maintenance

Wheels and brakes shop

Overhaul of wheels and brakes for both  A320 and CRJ aircraft.