Highly competent, professional, and authorised staff of the Part-147 Approved Training Center (app. ref. No. SI.147.100) is qualified to carry out the trainings for technical personnel according to the highest standards in the field of modern commercial aviation.

Adria Tehnika Part-147 AMTO offers the highest quality of efficient trainings in accordance with the EASA Part 145/Part 147. It is focused on theoretical as on practical part of trainings. The major scope of activities include performance of Basic trainings

and examinations (B1 and B2 licenced staff) and Type rating trainings – theoretical and practical parts. Years of experience of the teaching staff have been obtained in the country and abroad, in some of the biggest world airline-companies. Permanent process of keeping up with the latest trends regarding development of aviation technologies as well as keeping up with the teaching methods, have quickly launched Adria Tehnika Training Center on different markets – even far away from  home base. It is present on EU and non-EU markets with variety of its services.
Attendants acquire the top-level theoretical and practical training which qualifies them for further professional engagement at all different positions in the complex chain of aviation activities.

The growing interest for Adria Tehnika training services was reason for opening of different temporary and permanent locations (Malta, Turkey, Serbia, Austria). Our flexibility in organizing trainings is based on customers' expectations and needs.

As a Training center we are connected with other educational institutes (universities) in Slovenia and different technical schools arround Europe. The challenge of new knowledge and skills is therefore obtained in different areas not only technical ones.

Adria Tehnika performs following Training Courses under Part-147 umbrela:
• Basic Training and examinations (B1.1,B1.2, B1.3, B1.4, B2, C) – theory and practice
• Type rating courses (A320 family, CRJ100/200 and CRJ 700/900/1000) – theory and practice
• Familiarisation courses (A320 family, CRJ100/200 and CRJ 700/900/1000)

Adria Tehnika performs following Training Courses under Part-145 umbrela:
       Initial and continuation trainings;
• Human Factors in Maintenance organisations
• Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) and EWIS trainings
• Part 145/147/66/M Legislation trainings
• NDT trainings
• Task trainings
• Train the Trainer trainings
• Aircraft type related refresher trainings

All Adria Tehnika trainings can be performed at home base as on any other location providing acceptable and needed conditions.