AOG PL: +48 723 01 01 01
AOG SI: +386 41 692 738
Engine Maintenance
and Workshops
Line Maintenance
Base Maintenance
LINETECH, Adria Tehnika & JAT Tehnika provide line maintenance solutions that complement the maintenance program of the airline, are required by law or prevent the AOG situation. We can assure you that your aircraft will be fit to fly in the best possible condition.
LINETECH, Adria Tehnika and JAT Tehnika provide the following
services concerning Line Maintenance:
Daily, Weekly, and A-checks
Also, any other routine and non-routine works based on Customer’s MP;
On-call maintenance
Such as component replacements;
engine, APU, landing gear replacement;
aircraft interior and exterior washing;
- Damage assessment on aircraft (bird strike, hard landing, etc);
or cabin interior repairs (IFE, galleys, seats, etc)
Start-up Support
Adria Tehnika offers airlines support with the start-up of their operation by providing line maintenance and additional service support at the location, equipment, necessary consumable material.
Transit check and/or assistance
We specialize in boroscopy in even toughest meteorologicalconditions, providing great turnaround time despite the weather.
Flying Spanner
We assist in the cockpit with the qualifiedand experienced engineers to support maintenance and service issues during flight.